jueves, 27 de julio de 2017

Hot Blondes

Hot Sexy Blonde Women

Sexy blonde women generally have light skin.  Light skin shows defects more easily than darker, more pigmented skin.  Thus, when choosing a mate, light skin gives us an advantage.  With one look, we can quickly determine if the blonde female has any diseases that are visible via the skin.  If a female mate has a disease that is visible through the skin, that disease could lead to infertility and that is a big no-no for reproduction.  Don’t forget folks, it’s all about fertility and reproduction.  

Another reason why men prefer blondes is that they show signs of aging more easily.  Men are more attracted to women who are young (think fertile) than women who are old, so if a gal is giving men an easy way to decipher her age, they’re gonna like that

Therefore, a blonde girl is a potential mate that can quickly be examined and cleared for many of the hideous diseases that have plagued humans over the millennia and we can check her age more easily at the same time.  Hence, men’s affinity for blonde women.  Does it work in reverse?  Do women prefer blonde men?  Probably.  And probably for the same reasons.

There’s been a lot of speculation on this topic over the centuries.  Many of the brilliant -ologies of our society have tried to explain this very simple phenomenon:  “Why do men prefer blondes.”  There are guys who will always say that they prefer brunettes, or red heads, or black haired gals, but a girl with bright blonde hair is still going to make him double take.

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